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Policies and Procedures

Library Hours 

8:10 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. 
Monday through Friday

Library Procedures 

All students may check out books from the library for their personal reading pleasure and class projects.

Kg and 1st grade – one book

2nd thru 5th grade – two books

Books are checked out for a period of one to two weeks but may be renewed or turned in sooner.

A student in good standing (no overdue or lost/damaged books) may have more than 1 or 2 books for special classroom projects or research when assigned by the teacher.

There are no fines for late books but we do encourage students to take responsibility for returning books on time.

Lost and/or damaged books need to be paid for. If a lost book is found, the money paid will be refunded as long as the book is in good condition. Books will be replaced to help our library maintain its state mandated Level 3.

Library Information and Goals

The Goal of the library media center is to provide an attractive, friendly atmosphere while maintaining an orderly environment that allows students to read, study, research, and use technology individually and in small groups. The library media staff also works with teachers to improve the learning and achievement of all students who attend Wild Horse Elementary.

Wild Horse is proud to announce that our library meets and exceeds the Missouri State Standards for media centers in all areas. This is the highest level possible. The Wild Horse staff will continue to work to maintain this level.